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District 32
PO Box 4722
Federal WayWA 98063-4722


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If you are interested in holding an open chair position please email our DCM below:

District 32 Chairs

DCM   Morgan D.
Alt DCM   Nic C.
Treasurer   Pete K
Alt Treasurer   Greg K.
Secretary   Heather S.
Webmaster   Aaron W.
Alt Web   Carrie B..
P.I. Chair   Tony H.
Treatment   Tammie D.
Alt Treatment   Linda K.
Corrections   Open
Alt Corrections   Debbie L.
Grapevine/Literature   Troy O.
CPC   Leigh A.
Archivist   Dylan S.
Archives Chair   Gavin A.
Bridging the gap   Terri Y
Accessibility   Shelby B.
132 Zone Rep   Matt H.
PI-School Panel Chair   Jeanpaul T.
Third Legacy   Angela R.
Young Peoples Chair   Kylie C