Below are some links that some may find useful. Note that links to external pages will open in a new window. We do not endorse nor are we endorsed by the authors of these external pages. Links provided are not an affiliation but are to assist in our Twelfth Step work of reaching out to the alcoholic who still suffers.
Area 72– The area that our district is located in.
Just4Today Speaker Meeting– Weekly speaker meeting
South King Alano Club- Club in Auburn.
Seattle Intergroup of AA– Services our district and others in the area by:

  • Publishing a meeting schedule of all AA meetings
  • Maintaining a 24-hour phone service
  • Stocking a complete line of AA Conference-approved literature
  • Acting as a contact between the local AA and the general public
 Pierce County AA Central Service Office

GSO– or General Service Office. Responsible for serving AA in the USA and Canada. Provides a nationwide listing of central offices and intergroups.
-Oral Histories Kit- From G.S.O. Archives
Meeting Searches


New Meeting Start-Up Kit

Traditional Readings

Subjects for discussion:


CPC, H&I Info