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Message from a DCM

What is District 32 ?

In terms of Alcoholics Anonymous, District 32 is the geographical representation of cities in Western Washington: Federal Way, Auburn, Pacific and Algona. Each District has a representative (DCM) who is responsible for communicating and passing information between the District and its groups and the larger AA Body. District 32 is part of Area 72 which covers Western Washington. A great map of the area we belong to (as well as other Areas of AA) can be downloaded and viewed at www.aa.org.

Specifically, District 32 was formed on June 21st, 1990. At that time, there was a vote to create two new Districts and split off from District 18. The two new Districts were District 32 which would cover Federal Way, Auburn, Algona, Pacific and District 33 which would cover Black Diamond, Maple Valley/Hobart area.

District 32 held it’s first monthly meeting on July 11th, 1990 at 7:30 pm at Denny’s South in Auburn. Shortly there after the District started holding it’s monthly meetings at Calvary Lutheran Church in Federal Way. Final approval from the Church Board came around August 7, 1990 and that has been the regular meeting location for our district meeting Until Early 2010 when the District meeting moved to Brooklake Church 629 S 356th in Federal Way

The main purpose of this site is to provide information regarding AA in Seattle. You can find news updates, read about things to do, recent discussions at the District business meeting, find a meeting, links to other cool AA sites and much more. I welcome any ideas and suggestions that would help make this site as useful as possible to you and other AA members.

The Links above will guide you to finding out more about what we have been doing and are planning to do for AA in our district.

Thank you for stopping by,

Signed: A Past DCM